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Leslye Gale of Magic 107.7 Radio

We were honored to treat Leslye Gale of Magic 107.7 Radio in Orlando.

Leslye is getting married in 2 months and wanted to look her best so she came to HLC Wellness for the Angelic Lift.


leslye_new_resizedAfter just 2 of 6 treatments the Angelic Lift removed severe sun damage, reshaped my face, thinning my nose and highlighting my cheekbones and removed sun damage from my lips and plumped them without the use of collagen. 

I had terrible sun damage on my chest and neck (I guess age had a little to do with it) and after just a few sessions, it is all gone) I have never seen sun damage erased so quickly. This is pretty incredible. The pics are kind of scary looking but the results are amazing.

Okay, to all of my friends who are freaking out because I posted my before and after shots of the “Angelic Lift” don’t panic! I have not lost my mind. Doctor type shots are not meant to be flattering, but I sure felt good laying by the pool in a bikini this weekend for the first time in years!

 I’ll tell you what, newswomen and men will flock to this treatment, No cutting, no pain. no downtime! I wish it was around when I was on TV!

Before and after pictures of Leslye Gayle



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